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Date: June 22nd, 2017

BESTcoupleEVER is currently Live Free Chat

22 June, 2017 (23:42) | ethnicity:, eyeColor:, hairColor:, height:, Transgender, weight: | By: Who's On Now

Acting slutty on camera is BESTcoupleEVER’s favorite hobby.

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Christina4U is currently Live Free Chat

22 June, 2017 (23:42) | Bisexual, ethnicity:, eyeColor: Blue eyes, Fetish, hairColor: Brown Hair, height: 5 ft 9 in / 175-177 cm, Sagittarius, weight: 130 lbs/ 59 kg | By: Who's On Now

Christina4U gets a huge thrill out of flashing strangers on the Web!

Hi Guys, I’m Christina from Canada.

Looking for a sweet naive cam girl to show you her
cute ass ??? if so don’t read any more, I’m not that
person ..check out the other 300+ models…and save
yourself some time..Have fun!!!

If you are still reading at this point,I’m getting
very interested in you as a person… I hope you are
someone looking to achieve their ultimate XXX sexual
fantasy and experience something you only dreamed of
with a highly intelligent woman who understands the
complex needs and desires of both males and females .

Firstly..a little info about me…You will find I have
two personalites.

1.I’m not your average cam girl, I have my own
marketing business and its success gives me total
financial independence.
Because I don’t have to answer to a man ..I slowly
developed the urge and desire to become a Dom Mistress
and to explore the complex world of fetishes …
I discovered it actualy sexually excited me. Having
power over men, I now have many submissive slaves…I
also found it both exciting and stimulating to meet
people with foot fetishes,leg fetishes,and new and
unusual sexual preferences.
I personally don’t believe that the word fetish should exist,just because someone gets sexual gratification
from something that is different from what society
tells us is standard, should not make it a fetish.
With this in mind, if you have any type of fantasy you
wish to explore, please let me be the one to explore
it with you…the more complex the better ..I’m very

New to the world of domination/Slaves???
no problem,lets get together ..I love new slaves and
will train you,and help you discover more about

2.Not into domination/fetish or slaves..????
I also get a huge turn on from roleplays..such as
sweet schoolgirl,nurse etc, ..If it makes you cum..I
enjoy it…I find pleasing a guy very satisfying
read more for the types of uniforms etc I
have available.

Questions/Answers/Show Info

I get a lot of the same questions asked so I thought I
would answer a few here to help you.

1.Show Cost:
My pvt shows cost $4.99 (I don’t do nude chat as I’m
not into multiple shared chat..I prefer personal 1on1.
I have all the latest eqipment inc the most advanced
cam on this can pan/tilt and zoom,so I can
move around the room and zoom into the live action
just for you..yea!
Wireless keyboard and mouse
Audio/phone in pvt.
Ultra high speed connection..

I guess by now you understand I only offer the highest
quality and best of everything.

2.Types of show:
Domination/slave,foot/leg fetish ,I understand most
types of fetish.
Roleplay,nurse.maid,secretery,teacher,sexy maid,virgin schoolgirl,cop,and much more….
I also have a male name is Herman he is
always hard for me with his solid 10 inches..only
problem he has is that he is a full size plastic
male..but still produces a wicked XXX show with me….guaranteed worth watching !!!!!

3.Types of Outfits/Stockings/Shoes/Toys etc

Outfits include, Dom Mistress (latex and vinyl) sexy
nurse,cop,teacher etc.
Boots: knee high black leather and vinyl etc
High Heels:black white,red,ankle and slip on etc
Stockings/Pantyhose: All colors and styles.
Panties/Bras : All colors and styles
Toys: Huge range including anal plugs,anal
beads,black/white dildos and a great realistic strap
on cock….yeaaaaaaaa
More toys :
baton,nurse eqipment..get the idea !?!?!

4.I can be as quick or as slow as you wish during a tricks or want it will
get it quick..I prefer it nice and slow but I’m here
to please and want everyone who takes me into a show
to be fully satisfied and return time and time again.

5.I try to be the best at what I do thats why I spent
a lot of money on different colors/types of pantyhose
and stockings etc for your enjoyment.
I can be your Mistress/Girlfriend/Wife/Best Friend/Sex
Godess !!! It’s up to you!.

6.I’m not impressed by looks I prefer an original guy
who is witty and fun over someone who is handsome but
boring…So relax and be yourself !!.
6.I like to get to know people other than just a if you have time for me I will always have
the time for you.
Thats it guys, hope that helps you to know me a little
better !!

Christina4U XXXXXXX

Christina4U says: “I love my new life as a nasty cam-slut.”

Gilia is currently Live Free Chat

22 June, 2017 (23:42) | Bisexual, Capricorn, ethnicity:, eyeColor: Brown eyes, Fetish, hairColor: Blonde Hair, height: 5 ft 10 in / 178-179 cm, weight: 135 lbs/ 61 kg | By: Who's On Now

Gilia is ready and willing to take it ALL off.

Hi im Gilia

Join my Fan Club and you will find more about me and will be much easier to stay in touch !!
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Leilani is currently Live Free Chat

22 June, 2017 (23:42) | Bisexual, ethnicity:, eyeColor: Brown eyes, Girls Alone, hairColor: Blonde Hair, height: 5 ft 6 in / 168-169 cm, Sagittarius, weight: 115 lbs/ 52 kg | By: Who's On Now

Leilani wants YOU to tell them exactly what to do.

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